Writers Anonymous: Population 2

We went through a couple of names for this one.

Mindy Mondays (in honor of Mindy Kaling, one of our favorites)

Typing Tuesdays

Writing Wednesdays

Something about writing Thursdays (this one is possibly our favorite)

Funny Fridays

Allow me to explain.  I’ve mentioned Tami before, my fearless fellow Kili summiter.  This is Tami.

Tami and I have decided to meet once a week at independent coffee houses to drink coffee, take advantage of the free wi-fi and write.  And we chat.  A little.  But mostly we write.

Today is our second meeting and I’ve decided that in addition to writing up travel stories and reflections and my normal bit, I will be reviewing each coffee shop we visit.

Last week we went to Eva’s Cafe in on Sedgwick, just south of North Avenue in Old Town.  Eva’s reminded me of a quaint grandmother’s house, right down to the Christmas hand towels in the bathroom and doilies on the table.  Apple products populate the high tables situated on worn oriental rugs and the many creative-type patrons were able to spread out and nurse a single mug of coffee for several, uninterrupted hours.  We sat in the back, next to the large, overfilled bookshelf and I thumbed through decade old National Geographic magazines for inspiration.  My only complaint about Eva’s was the music.  This charming, mismatched grandmother’s living room called for light instrumental tunes not KissFM.  Complete with commercials and DJ banter.  This threw me.

Today we are at Safari Cup at Southport and Roscoe, just next to the Southport Brown Line stop.  I walk by here all of the time and have been eager to check it out.  FIrst of all, the African decor is so tastefully done – not cheesy or overboard.  A few wall hangings and paintings which look fantastic against the burnt orange walls.  But the best part… the safari furniture!  Gorgeous wooden chairs and couches create plenty of seating area and makes one feel that they are enjoying a cup of coffee on Karen Blixen’s front porch.

Tami and I are sitting in the window watching the snow fall.  This is what it looks like.

The two men sitting at the table behind us are speaking terrible French so Tami is happy.

The coffee is Kenyan, so I am happy.


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