Lamu Island, Kenya

Most of today was spent copying my very first set of Kenya images over into Lightroom in order to back them up and to look through them with fresh eyes. When I journeyed to Lamu with Karen, Emma and Tessa … Continue reading

Winter. Winta. Wiiintaaa.

Tuesday night found me boarding a taxi at the tail end of a blizzard, shedding my winter coat, and double checking to see that I’d packed enough SPF 45.  My destination, you wonder?  No, not a beach somewhere exotic – not … Continue reading

One Last Snowy Lighthouse…

In honor of these first few FREEZING days of spring, here’s one more of the snowy lighthouse in Charlevoix. The rest of the collection can be viewed here. Do you like my photos? Want to see more? Please help me … Continue reading

Passport Stamps and the Stories They Tell

National Geographic Traveler recently shared a photo essay through their Intelligent Travel blog, depicting various passport stamps from some of their contributors and the stories behind them. This got me thinking about my own passport and how much I treasure … Continue reading

A new way of going down the mountain

7. Learn to snowboard. 3/6/13 Amy stepped off of the lift and leaned against her snowboard. “Where’s your coat?” I asked, noticing the lack of her fluffy white, down coat. “I got hot, left it at the bottom of the … Continue reading

A cover letter for My Destination

It seems like all I have been thinking about lately is the Biggest Baddest Bucket List competition and scrambling to get votes for my entry. Though the more I think about it, the more I think of it as a … Continue reading

Mista, mista! Get me outta here!

Do you ever feel like that? Not that you’re being held prisoner in a nursing home by a crazily mustached Ben Stiller, but simply that desperation of GET ME OUTTA HERE! I feel that at least twice a month. Ask … Continue reading