Cold day, hot coffee at City Grounds

You guessed it!

Upstairs work area.

Tami and I are back for our Writer’s Anonymous workshop and, each time we meet, I feel like we are more efficient.  This week we are in Lincoln Park at City Grounds on Dickens, just west of Lincoln.  This place is fantastic.  I wouldn’t call it cozy or warm but what it lacks in over stuffed couches and mismatched mugs it more than makes up for in efficient workspace.  The upstairs area has ample seating, tables and available outlets – and even a few modern looking couches and neatly stacked magazines.  The large windows and recessed lighting coupled with the high ceilings and simple walls make City Grounds a place where one can really get down to business.  It is clean and well kept and the music selection is a perfect Pandora-esque mix of Thievery Corporation and Zero 7 with a sprinkle of 80’s hits for good measure.


Spinach croissant

I had a coffee when I arrived (they proudly serve Metropolis coffee) and then indulged in a spinach croissant for lunch.  The man working the counter downstairs is very friendly and accommodating and will even carry your food/drink up the flight of stairs for you.

My only complaint is the temperature.  Granted, I am sitting right next to the large window and it’s currently 10 degrees outside, but it’s a bit chilly.  It’s making me want another hot cup of coffee.

Wait a second…

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  1. What you don’t know is that I’m texting my friend Lauren about where to meet up for the Sabres-Blackhawks hockey game tonight. 🙂

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