Lotto Travel

Chances are you’ve heard this story:

A poor man prays: “Dear God, please let me win the Lottery.”  The man prays this same prayer, day after day, month after month until one day God speaks to him: “My son, please buy a ticket!”

With Tami at Hell's Gate National Park in Kenya

Tami is a frequent character on this blog, and there are several reasons for this.  First, she’s an amazing writer and I am happy to help promote her work.  Second, she and I see one another on a weekly basis for the sole purpose of writing and bouncing ideas off of one another.  And third, Tami is  the person in my life with whom, at the moment, I have the most in common.  In short, we are both strapped for cash but have a long list of places we want to go, mountains we want to summit and trails we want to hike.  Oh, and we’re both single.  And available at 10:30 AM on Wednesdays.  Tami is a girl after my own heart.  Oftentimes our writing meetings include a long segment of “Let’s go to… We should do the… Why not travel to… Hey, do you want to go to…” which always ends in a sigh of “if only we could afford it!”

For the month of March, Tami and I had a brilliant idea.  We are going to buy Lottery tickets.  $31 worth.  Each.  Then, we are going to pool our winnings (no matter how small) and go somewhere exciting.  If we hit the Jackpot, then Nepal had better be ready.  If we don’t win anything, then there’s a trail in the Chicago area that will surely receive a visit.  Either way,  it will amount to something!  The rules for our Lotto Travel Challenge are simple.  We have $31 each to spend on Lotto tickets.  This can mean one $1 ticket each day or a $5 and a $2 ticket in a week or however we want to do it.  Whatever winnings are then pooled between the two of us and spent together.

Neither of us have ever played the Lottery so we don’t really know where to start.  Any suggestions?



  1. lol…me and my hubby do the same thing. Buy a lottery ticket and dream what we would do with the winnings. Look up the lottery name where you live. I live in Colorado, so I looked up Colorado Lottery which brought me to our lottery’s website. On that site, you can find out what types of lottery games are available in your state, when the drawings are, where you can buy a ticket and for how much, and much more info than you can throw a stick at. Oh and best of luck!

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