By Jenn Winter

9. Attempt to get one of my travel stories published. 8/15/11

This one’s a two-fer.

Traci Kim, the CCLaP intern, asked me in June if she could use one of my images for the cover art of the Anthology about Setting that was to be published at the end of the summer.  Thinking it was great exposure, I agreed.  Traci also invited me to submit one of my travel stories for consideration to the anthology which I did reluctantly, the night before submissions were due.  Setting plays a leading role in travel stories, so I looked through some Paul Theroux, National Geographic Traveler and selections of my past writings for inspiration.  I ended up taking a small piece I wrote in January, “Nairobi Rush Hour,” and expanded on it to flush out the character of a Nairobi street scene.  I am honored and humbled that this little story was selected to be among 11 others in the anthology!

There are many ways to obtain a copy of this collected works.  Electronic copies and handmade paper copies can be obtained on the Amsterdamned page of the CCLaP website and copies compatible with Kindle can be found on Amazon.  (Amazon lists me as an author, how crazy is that?)

Once you’ve read through the anthology, feel free to give your review on Goodreads!

(Did I get all of the links in?)

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