Christmas Dinner for families at Manjani Mingi

Most of you who either know me personally or who have read this blog for a while know about my connection with Kenya. Seven years ago I left my marketing job, packed my bags and journeyed to Nairobi where I … Continue reading

Winter. Winta. Wiiintaaa.

Tuesday night found me boarding a taxi at the tail end of a blizzard, shedding my winter coat, and double checking to see that I’d packed enough SPF 45.  My destination, you wonder?  No, not a beach somewhere exotic – not … Continue reading

28 Reasons I Loved 28!

My 28th year has come to and end, and what a year it was!  It started in my second country, Kenya, with Irene, Faith and David visiting the members of Giwa IDP Camp, going on a mini-safari and giving out shoes to the Dust Babies of Kikopey.  At 28 I became an Aunt and helped to welcome my lovely niece, Chloe, to the crazy Winter family.  I got to share in the joy of the nuptials of three fantastic friends and the engagements of three more.  I was able to hike to Machu Picchu in Peru with five incredible women and then journey to Patagonia with one of my favorite traveling buddies.  Essie and I were the same age this past year – she’s 4 which translates to 28 in dog years – and we found many opportunities to go on fun hikes and city explorations, not to mention a few naps.  I crossed several things off the “list” this year, including becoming a published author and covering Lollapalooza with a press pass.  My business really took off at 28, and I’m so thankful for the wonderful clients I have been able to work with as well as the new and challenging jobs my camera and I have undertaken.

In short, it was a fantastic year and I feel truly blessed.  I’m excited for 29 and what lies ahead!

Below are 28 reasons I loved 28 (click on the image to enlarge):

And, to end this post, I’ve pasted a poem that my mom sent me at midnight:

roses are red

violets are blue
starting this day
singing to you

29 you are
21 you appear
not looking legal
to drink even beer

you rock your biz
flash’n great pics
 blessed you are
with essie’s love licks

jenn you rock 
this bday and more
love you LOTS
with hugs galore


The Perfect Holliday Gift

I’m happy to introduce the newest page on this little corner of the internet – Art Prints For Sale!

I will be updating this page each month, giving you the opportunity to purchase professional quality prints from my travels, both near and far.  But to kick it all off, and in the spirit of holiday sales popping up all over, I’m happy to offer select prints from my High Contrast collection on sale for 30% off!  Support a local small business and save on unique holiday gifts!

Wangari Wetu

Wangari Maathai, a true Kenyan hero, passed away last night in Nairobi after a battle with cancer.  A Nobel laureate, Wangari was a tireless warrior for conservation, women’s rights and inspired an entire country to take action.  I had the pleasure of hearing Wangari speak in Chicago in 2009 and the honor of shaking her hand that night.  Wangari will certainly be missed but I have no doubt that her legacy will live on.

The Return of Faith

I met Faith in January in Kenya.  I was there as a tour guide and she was there to scout out some of the different projects in order to return with daughter, Grace.  Well, Faith and Grace returned to Kenya in July and have been very busy since their arrival.  They are now back at Giwa working with the IDP’s.  To read more about Faith and her time back in Kenya, please visit her blog.  She tries to update it when she makes it to Nakuru town which isn’t too often, but what she does have time to post is poignant, touching and beautifully phrased.

Medical Center Ground Breaking!

Very exciting news recently arrived from Kenya… The long awaited Medical Center at Giwa Farm has finally broken ground!  Please read Irene’s account to learn more about the joyous day and to see a few photographs.  Giwa Farm is home to about 3,500 IDP’s (Internally Displaced People) near Rongai, Kenya who were resettled last year by the Kenyan government.  With the help of donors, VICDA was able to complete an elementary school on the property earlier this year and the Medical Center is their newest efforts to better the lives of the Giwa residents.