[22] Image of the Week

"Winter Wedding" Last weekend I had the pleasure of capturing the destination winter wedding of Mary and Joe.  The beautiful, newly fallen snow arrived just in time to create a picturesque Winter Wonderland at the Galena Eagle Ridge Resort where the wedding was held.  Stay tuned for more images from Mary and Joe's special day [...]

[20] Image of the Week

"Patagonian Morning" This morning I looked outside my apartment window and wanted mountains.  Not skiing mountains, hiking mountains.  I'm finally getting a chance to go through more of my South America images and just had to share this one.  This was a tough day of hiking to Las Torres in Chilean Patagonia.  We were there [...]

[19] Image of the Week

"Christmas Sunset" On Christmas afternoon, Essie and I went for a walk.  Winnetka was quite while lit windows revealed Christmas scenes of kids still in their pajamas playing with new toys, friends and family laughing over a bottle of wine and all around happiness.  We walked to Crow Island, my elementary school, and, despite Winnetka's [...]