[20] Image of the Week

“Patagonian Morning”

This morning I looked outside my apartment window and wanted mountains.  Not skiing mountains, hiking mountains.  I’m finally getting a chance to go through more of my South America images and just had to share this one.  This was a tough day of hiking to Las Torres in Chilean Patagonia.  We were there in April, at the end of the high season, which meant less people and less predictable weather. On this particular day we experienced bright sun, thick fog, a down pour, a blizzard then bright sun again – all within a few hours.  The fog reminds me of a scrim, clearly separating the foreground from the background without  losing the depth of field.  Snow on one side, vibrant fall colors on the other.  It was coming toward us as we made our way further into the mountains.  Soon it would envelope us as we passed into the other side.


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