[18] Image of the Week

Girl With The Camera

This morning I made a discovery… a memento from Emily and Brody’s wedding last year.  The whole photo booth idea at weddings is very trendy right now and guests have a lot of fun dressing up and posing for the stationary camera after a couple of cocktails.  One strip is then pasted into a scrap book and messages in sparkly pens are scribbled alongside for the happy couple to look through once the wedding chaos has passed.  Near the end of the evening I jumped in with my camera to get my photo taken so that I could sign the scrap book as well.  In addition to being a client, Emily and I have been friends since grade school so it was special to be able to capture her big day and experience it from a different angle.  I stuck my strip into my copy of Bird by Bird and stumbled upon it today.  Finally, a photo of The Girl With The Camera!

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