Celebrating St. Paddy’s on the Chicago River

Every Chicagoan knows the best place to be on St. Patrick’s Day in the city – along the Chicago River! Each year the Plumber’s Union dumps a special orange dye (originally used to detect illegal waste in the river) that turns the water a bright, almost neon green! A video of the entire process (I’m guessing, shot from Marina tower) is linked after the jump. Be sure to at least fast forward to the end to see the final view, so cool!

This year, I had the pleasure of seeing this tradition while on the river! I was invited by Chicago Electric Boat Company to experience this phenomenon from aboard one of their electric boats and had a blast!

If you want to find out more about the Chicago Electric Boat Company and other green things to do in Chicago, please check out my entry to My Destination’s Biggest Baddest Bucket List and cast your vote for me!

photo 3

On board one of the Duffy Boats with my sister, Beanie.

photo 2

Vessels on the Chicago River, a true sign of spring!


Thousands of spectators for the main event. I like the little lad with the festive facial hair.


Kayakers, kayakers… everywhere! And a little red car/boat in the background.


And this guy. He was hysterical, a real crowd pleaser.


It was warm on the boat with the enclosure curtains down. Not so for those watching… it actually started to snow for a little bit!


Chicago Electric Boat Company!


One of the other Duffy Boats.


photo 1

Finally! The green dye reached us! A green boat on a green river,

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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