Essie’s Corner

I work from home most days but feel like I’ve been working onsite a lot lately. Usually I’m able to pick up a bit during the day, but this apartment has really been neglected. When I walked into the main room after answering emails this morning and saw this sight, I knew I had to give it a good tidying up. But Essie sure loves that corner seat (and the elephant pillow), and once the vacuum was back in the closet she went right back to dust it with the dog hair that’s so difficult to get off of suede!

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

The rest of the day was spent organizing my taxes. No picture of that – just picture a creative artsy-type trying to crunch numbers and remember how to use Excel. I use it once a year, for this reason. I’m cross-eyed and tired and wishing I were snoozing with Es in her corner seat.

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