Day 8

For the past three days, I’ve woken up on my own, minutes before my alarm. I’m taking this as a good sign. Though, I’ve learned, that just because my body is awake, it doesn’t mean that my brain follows suit. Typically, from 6:15 to about 7am I sit and stare blankly. Even coffee isn’t helping to make those 45 minutes any more productive, I’m thinking my brain just isn’t wired to function that early. Perhaps that’s what the 66 days refers to – training your brain not your body to take on a new habit.

Another sunrise from my window without any filters or alterations.

The past week I’ve had some Morning Person Moments and Observations:

  1. The cashier at Trader Joe’s wished me a “good morning” at about 10:30am. As he rang up my items, I thought to myself: Is it really still morning? I’ve already edited a portrait, worked out, did a load of laundry and cleaned out my kitchen. It has to be at least lunch time…
  2. I live in an old yet charming building where every step, door and foot on the stairs can be heard. I think I’m the first one up now, as I can hear all of my neighbors get up and start their days.
  3. I feel like there is construction happening on all sides right now: the unit downstairs, the building across the street and another down the alley. I used to wake to the sound of jackhammers and dumpster rattles around 8 which would instantly put me in a bad mood. Now I get to wake up and have silence around me for a couple of hours before all of the men get to work.
  4. I was worried about ruining Essie’s amazing ability to sleep until noon with this little exercise, but I don’t think she’s adapting to the early mornings very well. Half the time she just stays in bed and looks at me like I’m crazy and the other half of the time she gets up with me for breakfast and to go out and then immediately goes back to bed.
  5. I was worried about being able to go to bed by 11pm but it’s been okay. I’m always shocked when I look at the clock and it’s 10:30 but by the time I take Essie out, get ready for bed and go through the whole routine, I’ve been able to fall asleep pretty quickly.
  6. While I’m adding 2 hours at the beginning of my day, I don’t really feel like I’m getting more done per day than I did before. There’s just a lot of stuff I used to do late at night that I’m trying to now to do during the day. It’s just redistributed.
  7. I haven’t had a “sleep in” day yet, but I have taken two naps this past week which is unlike me. I think I’m going to use the sleep in day over Thanksgiving.

I feel like this post was super boring, I’m sorry. But this medium is sort of holding me accountable with this little challenge, so I’ll continue to post weekly updates. And I welcome suggestions and tips on how to make the most of these early morning hours!

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Honey,just you wait until you’re 90, you’ll have no problem taking a little nap once in awhile. Happy Thanksgiving with love Grammie

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