6400 ISO

There are many features on my new Nikon D800 camera that impress me, but the reduced noise at a high ISO is simply amazing! The below shots (of my favorite test subjects, obviously) were all shot in a dark room at 6400 ISO (the D800’s max) and they are so much crisper than what my D300 would produce at 1600 ISO! Camera nerd, I know…

(I added noise to this one – it was too crisp for the look I was going for!)

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  1. Hi Jenn, Trying to find contact email for you but can’t see one. How can I get in touch you that is not on a wall? 🙂

    1. I went from a Nikon D300 to D800 and the lack of noise at higher ISO is amazing! It makes shooting in low light so much more doable and I don’t have to sacrifice clarity for exposure.

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