Charlevoix in October

This past week I decided on a whim to accompany my mom to Charlevoix for a few nights. Despite contracting this terrible cold that seems to be going around and the two out of three days of freezing rain we had fun! My sister and her family overlapped us by 36 hours which meant some fun playtime with Chloe and her new zebra hat!

Chloe and I braved the cold and visited the playground at Depot Beach.

Someone forgot to take this sailboat out of the water. It looked lonely.

Gogo came too. But she got cold. Quickly. Maybe she should have worn a warmer hat. And socks.

Chloe the Zebra was confused by Gigi’s absence. She kept pointing to the big chair and asking for her.

But she was excited that her swing was still up.

Really excited.

The harbor looked lovely with all of the fall colors. And I got a new panorama app on my iPhone.

There was one flower that was still standing. It looked lonely but strong.

And the ivy on the wall has turned red.

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