Lincoln Park Zoo with Lizzy and Chloe

It’s been a busy couple of weeks between travel and weddings and the start of family portrait season. Most of the past couple of weeks have been spent either behind my camera or in front of my computer. Last Thursday I welcomed a couple hours’ break to go to the zoo with my sister, Lizzy, and my niece, Chloe, something we’ve talked about doing for months. Chloe collected lots of new words on our visit, including goat, zebra, ape, monkey, seal, train and animals.

Our visit began in the farm section where we met a few goats. Chloe thought they were big puppies and was pretty eager to say hi at first. Soon, however, she realized that they weren’t puppies and didn’t quite know what to make of these large, smelly, funny looking creatures.

One goat tried several times to eat various pieces of my wardrobe. 

Chloe and Lizzy got to drive a tractor. She said she was driving to Gogo’s house.

(Gogo is what she calls my mom, her grandmother)

We weren’t sure, but the handprint confirmed our suspicion: Chloe is, indeed, human. A small human.

Not so sure about the tiger ride but once the carousel stopped she wanted “more, please.”

Our visit ended with a train ride. Well, Chloe’s visit ended with a train ride. A solo train ride. Seriously, the only kid on the whole train. What a brave girl!

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