[26] Image of the Week

“Katie in the Clouds”

When I think of adventure, I think of Katie.  Together we have summited mountains, trekked to wonders of the world, spoken in airport code, recovered lost luggage, deduced Holmes, smuggled apples and translated bus schedules.  When in South America we spoke in tandem Spanish – I am better at understanding and translating and she is better at speaking, thus creating a three way conversation with our Spanish speaking counterpart.  On the trail, Katie leads the way, the keeper of the map, the Kindle and enough stamina for the two of us.  Traveling with a good friend either forges a powerful bond or threatens to destroy the friendship.  Katie and I have been friends since freshman year of high school and adventure travel has done nothing but bring us closer together.  Traveling with Katie is like traveling with a sister.  Today is Katie’s birthday, and I wish for her many more adventures.

This is a portrait I took of Katie at the end of our hike through Torres del Paine in Chilean Patagonia.  The clouds begged to be photographed and as we said our goodbyes to the beautiful landscape I did just that, silhouetting Katie against the big, blue Patagonian sky.


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