[24] Image of the Week

“Fire Thrower”

One of the nights in Mexico there was a Fire and Water show on the beach at the resort.  We were late in arriving to the show and were seated way in the back of the crowd but that didn’t stop me from attempting to capture a few images.  The show was very impressive and has a surprise twist at the end that I will write about next week (are you intrigued?)  The shooting conditions were less than ideal seeing as I was seated pretty far away and was yelled at by an old woman when I tried to stand in the back to take photos.  (My brother’s response to her calling me out: “I wish it were legal to hit old people.”)  Despite these hiccups, I did the best with the camera and lens I had in tow.  I wish I had read this article from Jim Richardson about shooting with available light before the show, but I think I was able to hit most of the points on his list.

Nikon D300 body and Nikkor 18-200mm 1:3.5-5.6 VR lens : ISO 1600 – f/5.3 – 1/100


  1. Hi Jenn, I just read your story on Bucket List. Marvelous! I was reminded of bringing school supplies and tee-shirts to kids and adults in the Amazon. I also thought about having sent soccer balls to small villages in Peru. Such tiny drops in the big ocean of need, yet ripples which touched so many lives, and brought great joy. One does not have to be a large non-profit to have an impact, even small gestures make a great difference! Thank you for your caring and generosity!

    1. I told the people who donated money for the shoes that if they visit that area in ten years they’ll still see those shoes running around, just on different feet. Thank you for the encouragement!

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