Bucket List Publications

To all of my new readers who have found me by way of my post of Bucket List Publications – Welcome!  Thank you for liking my story enough to stop by and I hope that you will follow my blog and stop by again.  If you would like to learn more about VICDA, the NGO that I work with in Kenya, I encourage you to visit their website.  Irene serves not only as a character in many of my travel stories but she is also a dear friend who continues to inspire me with her work and devotion to her fellow Kenyans.

To all my old readers, I have exciting news!  One of my favorite stories from my trip back to Kenya last year was published on Bucket List Productions, an online travel magazine started by adventurist and traveler, Lesley Carter.  I’m flattered that Lesley liked my story about distributing shoes to the Dust Babies enough to publish and encouraged by the positive comments from her many readers.  I encourage you to check out Lesley’s site!

I leave you with a warm Dust Baby smile to warm your heart on this chilly Sunday.

(c) Jenn Winter, 2009

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