Taking Better Travel Photos

I’ve admired Jim Richardson‘s images for many years and even had the opportunity to hear him speak a few years ago as part of the National Geographic Live series in Chicago.  Sometimes the difference between a good photo and an amazing photo is perspective.  Shooting only from eye level won’t yield the same shot taken from the ground or above.  This is the focus (pun!) of Jim’s most recent photo tip featured on the National Geographic website.

The above image was taken at a food distribution on Maasailand several years ago.  I sat on the ground and sneaked photos as the Maasai women walked to join the distribution line, creating a much more dramatic effect than had the shot been taken at eye level.  The red clothing against the blue sky adds to the beauty and majesty of this woman without the distraction of the hundreds of other people, goats, food trucks and manyattas that surrounded us.

Prints of this image (and most of my travel photos) are for sale.  Please contact me at jenn@jwinterphoto.com if you are interested in purchasing.

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