What’s that on your wrist?

28. Go to Lollapalooza (perhaps with a press pass??) 8/5/11

That would be my media bracelet, no biggie.

It was only one day of the three, but I can now say that I’ve “covered” Lollapalooza!  Due to a severe lack of cell coverage, things didn’t exactly go as planned but that didn’t stop me from capturing and enjoying Lolla’s 20th anniversary on a beautiful Friday in Grant Park.

I was covering the event for Val of Val’s List and kept an eye out for people enjoying Lolla at any age!

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals made a new fan out of me!  Look at that girl rock it in a chain mail dress… now that’s impressive!

270,000 people were in attendance over the three day event!

What trip to Lolla is complete without running into the Sisters Kim?  As Kelli says, “if Lolla were an Olympic sport, Traci and I would medal.  We wouldn’t necessarily win the gold, but I’m pretty confident we’d bring home the silver or bronze.”  I couldn’t agree more – these sisters know how to make the most out of the event!

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