#29 – Gave a presentation on my experience in Kenya

Last night I was able to cross my first item off of my 30 before 30 list!

Since returning from my first trip to Kenya in 2007 (and then again in 2009), I’ve wanted to put together some sort of presentation about my experience, but the task always seemed daunting.  So many stories, so many photos, so much material – I didn’t know where to start!  About six weeks ago my dear friend, Katie, invited me to speak at the Circumnavigators Club of Chicago about my experience in Kenya and my Africa Photography.  So I dover right in and found preparing this presentation to be extremely cathartic as I revisited old journal entries, photos and memories.

The presentation went pretty well, and I was encouraged by the reaction to take the material to share with other groups as well.  I was supported last night by several dear friends – Kendall, Kelli, Tami, Lindy and Rob Reilly and my parents and it meant the world to have a table full of people who have encouraged my work in Kenya from day one.


  1. Hi Jen. Been tryin to follow this, though i cant say i fully understand… Are you looking for people in only tht side of the world? I mean or even Kenya? + if the latter’s included, i’d like to know wt kind of help u need(cz am a low class broke dude)…

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