Votes Needed!

Darling readers, I’ve submitted one of my photos to the GeckoGo photo contest and need votes to be considered by the expert panel.  The image I’ve submitted (below) is under the “portrait” category.  The winner gets a free trip and, as you know, I’m itching to travel!

A little background on the photo… I was in Nyahururu, Kenya assisting with home visits when this Kikuyu woman invited my fellow workers and me in for tea.  I loved her bright colored smock and wise, old face and asked if I could make her photo before we left.  She said I could, as long as I included her home in the image.  She knew that she was blessed to have one, seeing as so many people in the area were without.  As she posed for me, her sweet, toothless smile faded into a stern and serious face.  The Proud Homeowner of Nyahururu.

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