The Most Beautiful City in America

I feel like most of this summer has been spent in the car.  Traveling in tandem, Essie (my dog) and I rev up the Jetta (newly Christened “Heidi” for her German descent) and hit the open road for such far off destinations as Michigan and Indiana.

By mid-August, I will have spent 7 consecutive weekends on the Indiana Toll Road.  Yuck.

But each time I’m flying down Lake Shore Drive I can’t help but marvel at Chicago.  The inspired architecture and blue waters of Lake Michigan together create a summer happiness that makes me feel so blessed to be able to call such a place home.  Ever since reading Devil in the White City, I’ve had a greater understanding and appreciation for the concept of city planning and how the Great Chicago Fire served as a vehicle for a new Chicago plan.  Daniel Burnham – the man with the plan – is also being featured on this year’s Chicago vehicle stickers.  Good for Daniel, he deserves it.  I wonder what he’d think if he could see his masterpiece today.

Today World Hum is featuring a blog entry by Roger Ebert that takes a closer look at the city’s architecture and the contrasting styles of various Chicago architects of yore.  The entry features stunning photographs by Justin Kern.  Below is one of my own from two summers ago, taken from Burnham Harbor.  I hope to get a chance later in the summer to take some new ones of the city – be on the lookout!

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