Well kids, when I climbed Kilimanjaro there was still a glacier at the top.

I hope that's a sentence I never have to utter. When I saw James Balog on Tuesday (see post below) he predicted this whole volcano in Iceland thing and theorized that it's all a result of climate change and the rapid melting of glaciers.  It's just had me thinking a lot about all of this [...]

Githeri and Kilimanjaro? Yes Please!

Sunday was a special day. The sun was shining (for an hour longer, too), the broom was sweeping (sun inspired spring cleaning) and the beans were boiling (more on this one later). All of this in preparation for a screening of the MTV documentary Summit on the Summit, a Kilimanjaro trek organized by musician, Kenna, [...]

Tami Moves Outdoors (Please Piss Nicely)

Katie, Jenn and Tami at Macheme Gate before the climb When Tami first arrived in Kenya, she confessed something to me while unpacking her amazing mountain climbing gear for Mt. Kilimanjaro. "So, I'm really not that out-doorsy." At first I thought she was kidding but when she convinced me that she wasn't, my jaw fell [...]