Not Down for Long

316884_10100228788672538_1527505368_nBefore I opened my eyes this morning I threw up a little prayer and imagined myself swimming with whale sharks in Australia, admiring the Northern Lights in Iceland and summiting Aconcagua in Argentina. Then I rolled over, checked my phone and let out a sigh of disappointment. The Biggest Baddest Bucket List finalists were announced and, sadly, I am not one of them. All of the finalists have impressive entries and are very deserving but I can’t help but think that My Destination made a mistake. I must admit, I was surprised that two of the final ten are pairs and it seems like several of the finalists are already full time travelers.

I really hoped that this experience would help me break into the travel journalism industry and maybe it might, just not in the obvious way. The past several weeks it’s all I have been thinking about and working toward. I’ve been writing more, growing my network and have a renewed energy to pursue this dream with everything I have. Even though I didn’t win the contest, My Destination has lit a fire under me and has inspired me to go after the world. I’m convinced that my best travel days are ahead of me and that one day, before too long, I will catch a break and rock the travel journalism community.

Thank you, so much, to everyone who voted for me. Your support, kind words and encouragement have really meant a lot and I am so humbly grateful. I’m a little bit down today (the fact that it’s tax day and I’m self-employed certainly doesn’t help) but I won’t be for long. Three cheers for new mountains to climb, new countries to explore and new stories to tell!

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