A few packing tips

47f2a2377ae00b2175d8b76bd19cd1ddI’m by NO means an expert, but I think I’ve gotten pretty good at packing and maximizing the space allowed. Though I just watched a short video by an expert and learned several new tips! Samantha Brown, the Travel Channel’s traveling sweetheart, offers several great tips on sticking to the TSA 3 oz. regulation and still including all of the products you need. My favorite tip… use the small make up and pill containers that they sell in drug stores and fill them with liquids you won’t need much of like eye cream. Rarely do you actually need all 3 oz. of a liquid, the hard part is separating out and packing just what you will use.

Like I said, I’m no expert NOW. But do you know what would make me an expert? Winning a 6 month trip around the world with My Destination! Please take a moment to watch my video entry on the green side of Chicago and then click on the social media icons to the right of the video to vote for me to win this trip!



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