A 30th Birthday Jingle

L. Mack, I think that this little ditty might catch you off guard

But it’s written by me, so be prepared to laugh pretty hard

Today you turn THIRTY, a milestone of plenty

And to think, I’ve known you for all of your twenties!

From dressing in togas and drinking in Hahn Hall

To journeying around Europe and having a ball

We’ve been sisters, neighbors even fellow dog keepers

We’re both artsy and giggly and big life leapers

When you first moved to Chicago I would spend weekends on your futon

After nights of barhopping, laughing and getting our Mexican food on

Plenty of Cubs games and parties and a weekend away at “Camp”

And when I fled the country you threw me a party like a champ

I wrote you a jingle from Kenya when you turned twenty-four

But today’s a big one, deserving of a bit more

The past few years have been good to Miss L. Mack

A new degree, new job and a brand new… haircut

The last couple of years we have been separated by a 3 hour drive

And I’ve always said the armpit of America is highway 65

But I pledge that in this, your 30th year, I will more often visit

To drink a glass of vino and laugh with you I will endure the pit!

I’m so proud of you and what you’ve been able to achieve

You are honest and loving and always stand for what you believe

Still a timezone away, but you know I’ll be raising a glass

To L. Mack, her new decade and her super fine… haircut



(for you are one of the few who call me by my full name)

2 thoughts on “A 30th Birthday Jingle

  1. Oh, Jenn. how cute, funny, thoughtful, and sweet!I wonder if Linds saw this! I just stumbled upon this while excitedly reading your blog.which, quite honestly, had slipped my mind! I’m so happy to be seeing your photography again, which I love! I miss you and hope you’re doing well! Love to you and hello to your Mom!

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