Then there were… two

A note from Jenn…
To my followers and subscribers:

In an ongoing effort to  better organize my work and my life, I have decided to split this blog into two. I will now be posting client session highlights to a brand new J. Winter Photography photoblog and will use this site as a personal and travel blog, what it was originally designed to be. This way clients no longer have to sift through other writings and posts to find my ongoing portfolio and readers no longer need to look through client photos to get to my travel posts. Each site will link to the other from the top menu bar and select posts will be included on each one. My apologies if this screws up your RSS feed or subscription preferences, but to keep a professional look and presence, this needed to be done.

I have so appreciated all of your comments, encouragement and support of my work and I hope that doesn’t end! Just like with this blog, you may subscribe and follow the posts on the new one as well.



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