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When it comes to social media, I feel like I’m getting old. I used to be all about it, but in the past few years I’ve stayed where I’m most comfortable: Facebook.  I went to Miami University, a big state school in Ohio, during the launch of Facebook. This was back in 2004 (September 24, according to my profile) when you needed to be invited to join, and it was only available at certain universities. I was invited by my cool friend, Sarah, and joined without knowing what I was getting into. I remember trying to explain it over Thanksgiving to my family, they hadn’t heard about it yet and didn’t understand why it was necessary – my parents still don’t. Most of my friends from high school went to small private colleges and didn’t get Facebook until months later. By that time, my profile was all pimped out with sorority party pics, song lyrics and College Humor links. I was pretty cool. This is me in 2004 with my adorable roommate, Emily. The party was 80’s themed, don’t judge.

Yes, she’s holding a Keystone Light. It was college, after all.

Facebook has been good to me over the past eight (gulp) years. It’s allowed me to secretly stalk people, it’s kept me up to date on birthdays and weddings and babies (oh, the babies… so many babies) and, most importantly, it’s kept me in business. I book more than half of my work off of my Facebook Fan Page ——> LIKE ME! ——> CLICK HERE! —–> and it’s the greatest FREE marketing tool out there. In short, Facebook has become more of a business medium for me than a personal one. I still perform the occasional profile stalk, but, to be honest, it’s lost its novelty and, frankly, I feel a little old for it.

Enter Pinterest: My newest obsession.

I joined about a year ago and forgot I was a part of it while the rest of the world/younger generation obsessed over it. I don’t know what made me do it, but I logged on about a month ago and the rest is history. This is a creative oasis on the internet where one can make Pin Boards of photos and ideas from anywhere on the internet. From the hairstyles I’m dying to try to the outfits I wish I owned to the spaces I wish I could transport into my tiny studio apartment, I find the whole thing inspiring. I get cool photo ideas for work, I know how to creatively tie a scarf and I can guarantee that everyone I know will be getting a DIY Christmas gift this year. I have an old school Pin Board over my desk with inspiring photos and sayings and little keepsakes, but making it virtual makes it so much more fun! Plus, I’ve discovered so many new blogs and websites and after a few minutes on Pinterest there are about 100 tabs open on my computer.

So, after a long ramble and a dated photo of me, I invite you to follow my Pins. Before doing so, you should know:

  • I don’t pin anything that has to do with babies. I feel like Facebook does enough of that, my news feed is in serious baby overload.
  • I don’t really cook so my recipe pins are minimal. Basically it has to look really delicious and be extremely easy for me to pin. Like the slow cooker mac n cheese – I’m actually going to try this one at Thanksgiving.
  • I don’t pin any of those funny ecards with the vintage sketches. They’re funny and I appreciate them but they are everywhere I turn and I don’t feel like I need to contribute to their notoriety.
  • I will never, ever, ever, ever pin anything about planning a wedding. Even if I get engaged tomorrow, (ha!) this I solemnly swear.
  • If Anthropologie pins it, I will repin it 9/10 times. I’m boho at heart.
  • I do pin my own work. I’m a business lady, after all, and if Facebook helped increase my clients then there’s a chance Pintrest will, too.

I also have a Pinterest icon at the bottom of each post to make it easy for my lovely readers to Pin my posts – should they feel so inclined. And to end, a little Pinterest Gem I stumbled upon last night:

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