[23] Image of the Week

“A New Day”

I have a bunch of sunrise photos from my recent trip to Mexico, but, for whatever reason, this one keeps catching my eye.  It was a windy morning and I repeatedly wiped the salty spray off of my lens as I tinkered around with the exposure and composition of my shot.  I find sunrises and sunsets great learning experiences in my on going photography training.  They are beautiful subjects that, while sticking around for a while, are always changing, thus creating new pictures every few minutes.  With this sunrise, I was at first frustrated at the lack of color in the sky.  As far as sunrises go, this one wasn’t very dramatic: no bursts of pink or purple or orange.  Just a little yellow glow in an otherwise bluish sky that slowly grew brighter.  But there is something peaceful about its simplicity.  The wavy ocean is contrasted by the smooth surface of a tide pool, framed by a lone palm tree, bent toward the wind.  I am a night owl and I’m not normally up before the rest of the world.  But, on those days when I do get up early, this image incapsulates the peaceful feeling of a new day.


  1. If I did not have a few Margaritas the night before I too would have seen this beautiful sunrise. Great picture for a great time of day.

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