Hometown Tourist

25. Go on a Chicago River architecture cruise. 9/12/11

I’ve gone up and down the Chicago River several times but I’d never gone on an actual architecture cruise until last night.  Chase and I used Kelli’s Groupon for a 75 minute Wendella and soaked up our beautiful city on an equally beautiful evening.  The Groupon even included an adult beverage for each of us – the perfect way to end a Monday!  Our cruise started at 6:30pm so in addition to learning about the architecture, we were abel to soak up a lovely sunset followed by a stunning Chicago night skyline.  A fantastic experience with a wonderful friend – I will absolutely do this again!


  1. jenn
    those were FABULOUS pics of our wonderful city. great capturing the light on the bulidings and then dusk to night. you have a great eye and you are a terrific photographer!!!

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