Meet Millie


(c) J. Winter Photography, 2011

I’d like to introduce you to Millicent – I call her Millie.

Millie is an IDP at GIWA Farm IDP Camp near Rongai, Kenya and she quickly became my friend.  I asked the Chairman of the camp if I could interview a couple of the members about their experience as an IDP to help raise money for the medical center, and he brought me Millie.  The first thing that struck me about Millie is her distinct calmness.  Her voice is soothing, her eyes are kind and wise.  Millie beautifully answered my questions and told me her story.  I quickly adopted her as my translator/guide for the week we spent visiting the camp.

Millie was extremely helpful to Faith the midwife and Danielle the nurse as they examined expectant mothers throughout the week. “I really feel like the women here trust her,” observed Faith excitedly, “and that is so important!”  Faith was hoping to find a member of the camp to train as her apprentice when she returns to Kenya in July, and we all agree that Millie is the perfect candidate.  We are also looking into programs to train Millie as a community health worker for GIWA.

As a “thank you,” for her help and translations, I gave Millie my February 2011 copy of InStyle.  Now, in addition to becoming an expert on midwifery, Millie will be the most stylish woman in the camp.  “I very much liked the part about the shoes!” Millie explained the next morning, “such beautiful shoes!”

A woman after my own heart.



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