St. Peter’s in the Loop

In late April when my longtime friend, Emily, asked me to take some artistic photographs of St. Peter’s Church in the Loop I was a little nervous about taking on the challenge.  The church is in the middle of Chicago’s busy financial district, sandwiched between skyscrapers and L tracks.  Emily wanted a black and white photograph of the church to give to her dad for Father’s Day because of the significance it has played in his spiritual life.  I headed to Clark and Madison on a Saturday afternoon as not to get in the way of BlackBerry-sporting executives and to avoid the busy 9-5 weekday hustle.  In taking the photographs, I wanted to keep an urban feel present without taking away from the significance of the dramatic facade.  I loved the almost grimy look of the stone so used my zoom (18 – 200, 4.5) lens to capture this detail in the face as well as the contrast between the feet and the stained glass behind.

And, for the record, I was crapped on twice by pigeons who live with Jesus up on the cross.  What can I say – I suffer for my art.


  1. Great shots, Jenn! I talked to Em the other day and she told me to keep my eyes peeled for them on your site. Love em!

  2. Thank you so much for doing this. When jim opened the photos, it brought tears to his eyes. You have such an eye. Keep up the good work.

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