Jen and Jeff’s Marriage Celebration

I have a thing for unconventional weddings.  Maybe it’s that most of the weddings I book are of the untraditional sort or maybe it’s because when I’m shooting one I don’t feel as married (pun!) to the stiff wedding photography guidelines.  Jen and Jeff asked me to shoot their marriage celebration cocktail party at the Dana Hotel rooftop on May 1 and gave me full creative license – any artists’ dream!  Their casual ease as a couple and Jen’s natural beauty lent itself to classic black and white photography.  That, paired with an amazing setting, fantastic light and a fun crowd, really made for a memorable evening!

To see more of Jen and Jeff’s celebration, visit my website under the “featured” tab.


  1. Jenn,

    Your pictures take my breath away. They are simple and elegant, and capture the moment perfectly. I absolutely love looking at your work.


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