Jen and Jeff’s Marriage Celebration

I have a thing for unconventional weddings.  Maybe it’s that most of the weddings I book are of the untraditional sort or maybe it’s because when I’m shooting one I don’t feel as married (pun!) to the stiff wedding photography guidelines.  Jen and Jeff asked me to shoot their marriage celebration cocktail party at the Dana Hotel rooftop on May 1 and gave me full creative license – any artists’ dream!  Their casual ease as a couple and Jen’s natural beauty lent itself to classic black and white photography.  That, paired with an amazing setting, fantastic light and a fun crowd, really made for a memorable evening!

To see more of Jen and Jeff’s celebration, visit my website under the “featured” tab.

2 thoughts on “Jen and Jeff’s Marriage Celebration

  1. Jenn,

    Your pictures take my breath away. They are simple and elegant, and capture the moment perfectly. I absolutely love looking at your work.


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