Where’s Nikki?

Those two words were uttered countless times in the two weeks that Nikki was with us in Kenya, but now that she’s actually left, they are truly felt. It was so much fun to have Nikki join our Yes We Kenya group in the final hour and there is one little girl who will never, ever forget her. Marion was a student at Jamii until yesterday when she was able to start in Grade Two at Olympic Primary in Kibera – one of the best non-government schools in Nairobi. At nine years old, Marion was far too old and clever for the pre-unit (kindergarten) class she’s been attending at Jamii and, as Monica said, they were keeping Marion there, waiting for God to send someone to sponsor her. Well, God sent Nikki. It was a bit of a process with placement tests, matatu rides and several trips to Olympic, but I’m delighted to report that Marion is currently wearing a brand new uniform and learning with children her own age at her new school. By sponsoring Marion, Nikki has literally changed her situation and has given her the best possible way to succeed. Marion now has a brighter future. Asante Nikki!

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