Face Paint: Always a Good Idea

To celebrate Heather’s time at Jamii we decided to break out the face paint for her last day!

This last little guy is named Ochieng and I first bonded with him on Friday. The kids at Jamii get out early on Friday and within minutes the school was empty except for Ochieng. Apparently his sister was supposed to pick him up, but forgot him. I decided to wait with him until she arrived well after 5pm. We colored, played with stickers and just sat. Since then, I’ve noticed that he’s forgotten everyday. He just sits with his sad little face on the bench and waits. I really feel for him and have made it a pet project to get at least one smile out of him before I leave. It’s like he lacks human contact, so I try my best to hug him, hold his hand and give him a little extra attention and love.

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