Africa: TBD

The week before I left Chicago, I had all of the girls who will be joining me in Kenya over for one final meeting. I passed out “Survival Guides” on which I listed a couple of things to remember when traveling in Africa:

  1. Be flexible.
  2. Don’t have expectations.
  3. Don’t make plans.

Well, the teacher is being schooled (or however you say it). Needless to say that my time in Kenya the second time around has been much different than the first. In short, I’m being constantly reminded of rule #3. Things here never happen as expected, but they all happen for a reason. I mentioned earlier that my hopes and dreams of seeing the kids from two years ago were more or less crushed during my return to Mary’s school last week. I’ve decided to start fresh at a new project in Kibera (Jamii Children Home) but when I went this morning, I learned that the school doesn’t reopen until Wednesday. Of course not, for I had planned on it opening today. My first visit to Jamii, though it lacked children, wasn’t all bad. It’s an extremely well organized project (relatively speaking, of course) and it will be nice to be a part of a project that isn’t a fixer-upper. At Mary’s we all became so obsessed with what still needed to be done that we felt more like donors than volunteers. But at this project I can actually see myself doing what I came here to do: volunteer with kids of Kibera!

So come the second half of this week, that is where you’ll find me. Back where I ought to be.

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