About a year ago I spent three gorgeous weeks in Colombia with the always fun Abbie of Speck on the Globe.

We started in and around Bogota, Colombia’s capital.

We took a day trip to Zipaquira.

DSCF0244 IMG_3400And took the funicular up to Monserrate.

DSCF0255 DSCF0287 DSCF0315 DSCF0336 DSCF0367

We then flew up to Cartagena, Colombia’s most popular coastal town.

A morning walking around the colorful Old City section of Cartagena

DSCF0448 DSCF0456 DSCF0458 DSCF0461 DSCF0485 DSCF0487 DSCF0489 DSCF0492 DSCF0496

We spent a sun-filled day on Baru Island, an adventurous boat ride from Cartagena.

IMG_3515 IMG_3509 IMG_3496 IMG_3494 IMG_3493

And rented a car to explore more of the area.

DSCF0599 DSCF0600Next we headed to Medellin, one time most dangerous city in the world. I found it beautiful and full of hope.

DSCF0649 DSCF0650

I climbed the 740 steps to the top of La Pierda and was rewarded with a view.


A long and winding bust trip brought us to the gorgeous coffee land of Salento where I learned about the production of my favorite morning beverage and was surrounded by incredible landscapes.

DSCF0749 DSCF0757 DSCF0772 DSCF0821 DSCF0845 DSCF0857 DSCF0860 DSCF0868 DSCF0871 DSCF0895 DSCF0917 DSCF0928I could have easily spent several more months exploring this incredible country. Such lovely people, a chance to practice my rusty Spanish and a stunning land of diverse landscapes.


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