Spring Flowers

It might not feel like spring outside, but it sure looks and smells like it in my apartment!


I picked up these coral tulips from Trader Joe’s on Tuesday. Whenever I walk into my apartment I am hit with the smell of spring, pause and smile. I try to hold on to that smell as I unzip my puffy coat and take off my hat and gloves.




While I was shooting the tulips in the window, someone got a little jealous. She started on the far side of the couch and slowly army crawled into the middle of the shot. If I were that photogenic I’d try to jump in front of cameras, too!




Orchids are my absolute favorite flower for several reasons. Despite what people think, they’re really easy to take care of and very low maintenance, they are elegant and graceful and they are the plant that keeps on giving. You just need to have a little patience! This orchid was a birthday gift from my Dad over a year ago. The original blooms stayed on from January to May, then I trimmed the stalk to the base and had a leafy plant until around November when a new stalk began to grow. Now I have five lovely, new white blooms!





I’ve placed this orchid in the skinny, tall window by my bed area in my studio apartment. It’s the first thing I see most mornings – what a great site to wake up to!


Again, Essie couldn’t help herself.SpringFlowers-16And, finally, this little guy. This mini-orchid was a gift from my neighbor about this time last year and it grew new blooms about six weeks ago. And look at all of those buds! That is going to be one crowded stalk when they all bloom!





  1. What beautiful pictures. Don’t forget to put a copper penny in the vase holding the tulips. It keeps the petals from falling too soon. I have to learn how you keep orchids. I have kept them for 5 months but when they stop blooming I toss them Love you Grammie

  2. love the orchids Jenn, but even more the way you photograph them!! i am desperately looking for a little space of time to give you a call before I head to Kenya – stay tuned xxxx

    Date: Sun, 24 Mar 2013 18:18:26 +0000 To: loveanniec@hotmail.com

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