To the lighthouse

lighthouse-1One of my favorite shots so far, I just had to share it! I took it last night while exploring the ice patterns around the Charlevoix lighthouse at sunset and I feel like this scene really captures the peacefulness up here at the moment. Many more images coming, probably tomorrow morning when the internet is better behaved.


  1. Jenn, I love the lighthouse pic. I have a summer one that your Dad sent me and would love to have a copy of this winter version. How can I buy one? Love, your favorite Aunt Sally

    1. Hi! I’ll send an email when the gallery is up, I have a few more I’m working on before I post it. Glad you liked this one, probably a different view than the one you’re used to.

  2. Your image inspired me to take a look on Google Earth, and hence a yearning to visit the town (preferably by boat in summer, car in winter) to explore. Just need to add it to the list! Thanks for the image. M

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