[30] Image of the Week

My dog likes to sleep. In my bed. Under the covers. I think half of the photos on my iPhone are of Essie snoozing because… well, she just looks so peaceful and cuddly and adorable – I simply can’t help myself.

I text photos of Essie sleeping to my sister who shows her daughter, Chloe, who will then whisper, “Es nigh nigh.”

I’m in the middle of a crazy couple of days, full of shooting and editing and loss of sleep but when I walked past Essie just now I couldn’t help myself. I grabbed my camera (Nikon D800, 50mm f/1.4) and started shooting. Close ups of dogs are interesting at that focal length because the focus is either on their eyes or their nose. I did a couple of each with Essie who was, as always, a very obedient model.

And one of my wall flowers because they look as peaceful as Essie.

Back to work..

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