Sabino Canyon

It’s been a couple of very busy weeks, my apologies for sparse posts. My sister, Lizzy, keeps pestering me to post something new, “Jenn, you went whale watching weeks ago!” I am currently about an hour into a 5 hour layover at Tucson Airport with the current issue of National Geographic Traveler, my niece and my iPhone to keep me occupied so thought it a good opportunity to give Lizzy her wish!

I am in Tucson, along with the rest of my family, to celebrate my wonderful Grammie’s 90th birthday. I will write more about Grammie and her party when I have my computer and images from my “real” camera. But while in Tucson I went on two HOT hikes through Sabino Canyon. I remember riding the tram through the canyon when I was little with my dad, grandpa, siblings and a couple of aunts but this was my first time hiking through it. As Grammie told me both days, our starting time of 9am should have been more around 6am to avoid the heat, but we didn’t let a little sweat stop us from having a good time! On Friday I went with Beanie for about 5 miles and on Saturday I started out with Beanie, Lizzy and my mom for the first mile and a half and then Lizzy an I ended strong with another 5-6 miler.











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  1. Wow Everyone looks soo good Happy Birthday to Grandma Your mother looks beautiful too I wish that I was there too to give everyone a big KISS Happy BIRTHDAY and much Love hugs and Kisses to ALL Auntie Mimi x0x0x0x0x

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