Happy Anniversary to Blair and Chad!

Life works in funny ways. I was a dog walker for a year and a half when I was first starting off my photography business and Blair was one of my clients. I used to walk her Golden Retriever, Nate, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I had met Blair and her sister, Kate, once and thought they were pretty awesome.  One day, after Nate’s walk, I noticed a stack of save the dates on Blair’s counter and was bold enough to leave my business card. In so many ways, that business card launched my career.  Blair and her then fiancé, Chad, eventually hired me to shoot their beautiful wedding at Veritas Vineyard in Virginia.  They really took a chance on me, with only three small weddings under my belt at that time, and I’m eternally grateful!

But my friendship with this extraordinary couple and their families only started then. Blair and Chad have become treasured friends and an important part of my life.  In so many ways, Blair is the big sister I never had and one of the first people I reach out to in crisis.  I’ve seen their family grow to add another dog and two beautiful children in the past four years and I’m excited to see where they go in the next four.  Happy anniversary to Blair and Chad!

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