Sarah + Ben

When Sarah asked me over a year ago to cover her wedding I knew it would be beautiful. “It’s going to be on the beach,” she told me, “in Pentwater, Michigan.” Pentwater is Sarah’s Charlevoix and it only made sense that such a special person would want to say “I do” in such a special place – surrounded by Lake Michigan, a sandy beach, family and close friends it was all so… Sarah.

I’ve known Sarah since my first summer at Clearwater Camp in 1994 and for a decade she played a leading role in the summer memories of my youth. Decks, as we call her, is an extremely warm, kind and thoughtful friend. She is the kind of person one turns to in times of crisis and need because of her levelheadedness, loyalty and ability to love and comfort.  When I heard that Sarah had found Ben and that they were going to spend the rest of their lives together I was thrilled for her! And what a beautiful wedding it was! From the setting to the lake breeze to the tiny rainfall that brought with it a rainbow and a lovely and slow Michigan sunset – the whole thing was picturesque and such a joy to document!

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