[27] Image of the Week

“Exploring Q’enqo”

Emily, Katie and I were the first of our group to arrive in Peru.  While waiting for our fellow trekkers we opted to take a day hike near Cusco to warm up our hiking muscles and acclimatize our sea level lungs.  The three of us along with Danelle, our new friend, loaded into a taxi and had the driver take us to Tambomachay, about 7 miles away from our hotel in Cusco.  We then each purchased a Boleto Turistico del Cusco and made our way back to town, stopping at four Incan ruins along the way.  This is a photograph I tookq’ of Katie and Emily exploring the third of the four sites, Q’enqo.  It was full of tunnels and passageways and I loved how the light would filter into the various openings enough to reveal the carved out steps, seats and crevices all built into the stone by the Incas.

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