[25] Image of the Week

“Acacia at Sunset”

What with my story being featured on Bucket List Publications and my revamping of the VICDA website, I’ve been missing Kenya a lot lately.  This photograph was taken during my first trip to Kenya in 2006.  I was on safari at Amboseli National Park and became obsessed with this gorgeous acacia tree that was at our campsite.  I have dozens of photographs of this tree, taken from different angles and at different times of day.  This was taken with my trusty old Nikon D50 which I sold last week for a mere $100.  It was hard to let that camera go, it was my trusty sidekick on that first trip and was the camera that helped me to become the photographer that I am today.  But it had been gathering dust on my shelf for several years and I saw no reason, other than sentimentality, to keep it.  I hope that its next owner will find it as inspiring as I did.

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