[13] Image of the Week

“Center of Attention”

It’s family portrait season, and I couldn’t be happier with the first crop of sessions.  There will be many more to come in the next month or so, but this one just makes me smile.  I grew up in a home where our dogs were bonafide members of the family.  First there was Mitchell who was my mom’s city mutt and one of my first memories growing up.  Then there was Emma, the trusty yellow lab who helped to raise the five Winter children.  Then Samson, a short but special little life followed by Rosie, or Queen Rose, as she was known to her subjects, who could always demand the attention and admiration of a room.  Super Trouper, a three-legged rescue and little Orphan Annie, a needy little pound puppy, still reside with my parents while Essie, my own lovable city mutt, shares my apartment with me.  And just like Sophie, pictured above with her family, all of the Winter family dogs know what it’s like to be the center of attention.


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