67 Little Artists!

Today at Jamii was so fun! Tami and I came prepared with two art projects for the kids – colorful dinosaurs for the Nursery and Pre-Unit classes and google eyes to use in drawings for the Baby Class. These little kids sit in their desks all day (um, in Kindergarten I played on the playground and had story time on a shag carpet) repeating numbers and letters, so this was a welcome break. For the teachers, too!

Lyndsay left behind these fun dinosaurs. You use a stick to scratch off the black part to show the fun colors underneath. A total HIT! Once the kids (and teachers!) had all designed a dinosaur, Tami and I strung them all together and hung them above the classroom. It now looks so colorful! There were calls of “yangu, yangu!” (mine, mine!) as the kids found their own hanging above their heads. So fun! Thanks, Sheils!
Tami was the mastermind behind the Baby Class art project. She brought google eyes from home and designed coloring book style pictures of animals and people for the kids to color in. That, paired with several stickers and crayons made for a fun-filled morning!
The baby class was so tired after their art project that they took a nap!

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