Quintessential New Trier Article

I'm extremely excited and humbled by the beautiful article in the current issue of Quintessential New Trier magazine.  Please visit the Kenya 2011 page to join the January 2011 trip to Kenya or to contribute to the cause and feel free to send any questions about the trip my way.  To see more photographs of [...]

Maji for the Maasai, Irene’s fear of monkeys

Take a look at Irene's VICDA Blog to read about the drilling for water for the Maasai community.  This post is a perfect example of why I love Irene: she successfully combines a heartwarming story of water in a community that continually suffers from drought with a humours tale of being chased by monkeys.  Oh, [...]

A Big Day in Kenya

Photograph: Dai Kurokawa/EPAI'll admit it. I actually got a bit teary this morning when reading reports of the ratification of Kenya's new constitution. This is a big step for Kenya. While the old constitution, which was drafted with the British colonizers in 1963, centralized power with the president and allowed for exploitation of tribal divisions, [...]