Introducing Abigail Grace

Emily and Matt, good friends of mine from college, are the proud new parents of adorable Abby!  I drove to Indy for the to meet this darling girl when she was all but a week and a day.  So many things I love about this girl already, I can’t wait to see her again!

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Happy Birthday to Chloe!

My niece, Chloe, is one today!  I’ve had the honor of photographing this cute kid from day one.  Below are a few of my favorite Chloe moments from the past year, along with a new set of portraits I took last week.  Happy birthday to blue-eyed Chloe, you are so loved!

Chloe at 5 days

Chloe at 10 weeks

Chloe at 7 months

Chloe at 10 months

One sunny day last week I grabbed my camera last minute before heading to the park with Chloe and Lizzy.  Chloe had fun smiling on the swing, climbing on the playground equipment and handing Lizzy leaves she found on the ground.  And taking her bow out.  Quite the busy girl she is!


Introducing Dev

I got to know Jen and Jeff when I photographed their wedding celebration in 2010 and I could tell right away what a special couple they are.  I was so excited to hear about Dev, the newest addition to their family and thrilled to take some pre-Christmas photos with family in town.  Dev is one lucky kid to get these two as parents!

Frankie and Bennett

Frankie’s a big sister!  Her little brother, Bennett, was the perfect Christmas gift!